Underfloor and Wall Panel Heating Systems

Radiant Floor & Panel Heating Systems

Are you planning to install a radiant wall or floor heating system?

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems are usually installed under the floor or in the walls of your home. In some cases they are also installed in ceilings, but this is not as effective as heat tends to rise, which can create a little thermocline in the temperature of the room. Especially if you have a high ceiling this effect can bemore pronounced. The system works by radiating heat (infrared) directly to the floor or walls of your property.

If you are looking for a cost effective option for heating your household, radiant floor heating might be the perfect fit for you! The most important thing about this system is that it does not depend on ventilation and you won’t have to worry about duct loss issues, unlike the troubles users of forced air units usually face. Therefore, radiant floor heating is not only a more energy efficient option, but also a more healthy one, as it prevents bacteria and other pollutants to spread across your place, unlike the more conventional systems.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is ussually more efficient and environmentally friendly than Electric resistance heating (baseboard heating) units. Floor heating systems are also more energy efficient than systems that rely on forced-air to heat a home. Forced air system must rely on a system of ducts and vets to circulate the heat, meaning you will always have some measure of duct loss in the process. Floor heating systems bypass this problem as there is no need for ductwork.

Common Types of Floor Heating

  • Electric This sytem uses electric cables built into the floor with conductive plastic. This system is generally more expensive to run. There is, however, a drawback of implementing this system, as the installation of those electrically conductive plastic materials is rather difficult. So, this can only be done before the floor decks are placed within the room, or when the building is still under construction.
  • Hydronic - This type of system uses hot water to warm the pipes and your home. It functions quite simply; namely, water is pumped through the tubing loops by the boiler, using zoning valves. It also comes with a thermostat for each of the rooms in order to regulate the temperature.
  • Air Conduction - In this type of system the rising hot air warms the inside of your home or building.

Radiant Heat Panels

The good thing about the advances in technology is that there are ways to install radiant heating even in houses which are already build without the need to tear up your flooring. Nowadays heating panels can be installed inside the walls and ceilings, replacing the traditional radiant floor heating option. These panels run on either gas furnaces or oil burners.

If a parallel is to be drawn between the radiant heating panels and any other conventional or modern heating system, radiant heating systems seem to have the quickest response time and be most widely spread throughout all the rooms within your place, something not all heating systems can provide. Each of the panels can be separately controlled, therefore your energy bills are most likely to drop significantly.

Health Benefits

Radiant heaters are also the most family friendly units, as they provide pollutant-free air for your domestic environment. Unlike many other traditional heating options, this appliance does not issue bacteria, mold, or viruses to appear within your household. This is mostly because of the heat level they produce, which is at the same time both convenient for a human being, as well as highly inconvenient for a pollutant particle. According to some medical research, this option is best for people who suffer from allergies or have similar pneumonic problems.

Radiant Heating Services

As part of our HVAC services, we provide installation, repair and maintenance for your radiant heating system. Our technicians are experienced in installing floor, as well as wall heating panels, powered by either solar or hydronic energy. We take care of the entire installation process ourselves, guaranteeing a safe and high quality operation of your system thereafter.

What is more, we also provide ceiling heating panels installation, which are far easier to install and therefore way less expensive. In case you did not know by far, this panels can also provide cold air in order to lower the temperature of your place during the summer days. If you are uncertain whether these heating panels can fit within your place, get in touch with us today and our technicians will be more than glad to provide you with an estimate.

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